• About Me

    Dr. Ananthakumar Thillainathan juggles roles as a physician, business owner, and spokesperson for his patients. The MDCARENOW LLC is run by an internal medicine doctor who focuses on diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of patients' health problems rather than just their symptoms. Thillainathan has dedicated a large portion of his life to improving people's access to high-quality medical care to extend their lives. He cares more about how to enhance the regular experiences of his patients. Thanks to his expertise in several medical fields, he has helped patients regain control of their health.


    Dr. Thillainathan is an internist working for MDCARENOW LLC. In his line of work, he collaborates with a group of experts to help patients suffering from a wide range of conditions. The staff is ready to dive headfirst into any problem, whether it involves a fussy baby, an elderly person who has fallen, or a stressed-out working professional.


    Thillainathan has also prepared his staff to deal with patients battling addiction, a problem that is common in today's emergency rooms and walk-in clinics. Thillainathan has instructed his staff to tailor their care to each individual rather than applying a universal formula. As a result, his company has received praise from satisfied customers who say they finally feel heard after venting to him about their problems.


    Thillainathan fully utilizes his linguistic abilities to establish a rapport with his patients. In addition to English, he is fluent in Russian, Tamil, and Sinhalese, and he makes it his mission to help people understand what's going on and why. Dr. Thillainathan knows it can be difficult to go to the doctor, especially if you've had bad experiences in the past. From the moment customers walk through the door, they are accorded the utmost courtesy.


    Dr. Ananthakumar Thillainathan has been starting his internal medicine clinic from scratch since 2012. He has spent his entire career assisting patients in receiving accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. For a total of four years, he worked in the emergency room as well. As a result of his work in such demanding environments, he is now adept at prioritizing his responsibilities. He learned to expertly prioritize his overflowing list of tasks so that he wouldn't have to put the health of his patients at risk.


    Dr. Thillainathan's professional goals included becoming an entrepreneur. His decision to launch an independent enterprise allowed him to establish a unique niche in the market. Ananthakumar Thillainathan sought to help patients by getting to the root of the problem, in contrast to the common practice of many doctors who look for the simplest solution simply so they can move on. He didn't want them to spend the rest of their lives dealing with a problem that could be cured with better medical attention.


    Dr. Thillainathan received his M.D. from the Caribbean's Spartan Health Sciences University School of Medicine. He also did his residency in internal medicine at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. Spartan has been providing medical education for more than 35 years, and it is well-known for its intimate classroom settings and personalized attention from faculty.


    Spartan is renowned for its emphasis on academic enrichment and the safe and supportive atmosphere it provides its students. This perk is especially useful in a high-stakes profession like medicine, where doctors must put their egos aside and put their patients first. The doctor was exposed to cutting-edge research at Hackensack. As a result of the school's reputation for innovation in the medical field, students and faculty have access to cutting-edge tools and methods. His education provided him with the foundation he needed to launch a successful company that met the needs of modern patients.


    Dr. Ananthakumar Thillainathan has chosen Doctors Without Borders as his charitable organization of choice. The funds he has donated will be used to improve health care for people worldwide. The primary objective of this charity is not to cause harm. For the staff and volunteers, this entails respecting each individual's right to autonomy in medical care. Most importantly, doctors insist on consent, which is not necessarily a right people everywhere have. They also feel obligated to advocate for their patients by speaking out whenever and wherever there is a crisis or injustice.


    An internist is a doctor who specializes in internal medicine and treats patients as individuals. A doctor willing to dig deep into a patient's history and uncover the root of their symptoms is essential in this field.

    Addiction medicine is a subspecialty of internal medicine that focuses on treating people with substance abuse disorders. Because of his expertise in addiction medicine, Dr. Thillainathan can help patients recover from one of the most destructive forces in the world without jeopardizing their livelihoods or their freedom.


    Dr. Ananthakumar Thillainathan, who specializes in emergency medicine, felt there was value in studying internal medicine and emergency medicine despite their apparent differences. Thanks to his newfound expertise, he is better able to strike a balance with his patients, which has improved their outcomes.


    Minimally invasive interventional pain management is a treatment strategy that prioritizes relieving patients' suffering so they can go about their regular lives without interruption. Before turning to invasive procedures like surgery, doctors will try less invasive methods like injections and nerve blocking.